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Biostatistician II
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Department/Unit Summary
Since our 2003 founding, the Department has grown rapidly. We now have 31 faculty and 27 staff biostatisticians, 29 administrative, IT, and research staff, and 8 graduate students. Our growth is due to the substantial and sustained support we have received from the School of Medicine and our collaborators, for which I am very thankful, and due to the hard work and innovation of our faculty and staff, of which I am very proud. Our faculty collaborate on biomedical research in a thriving academic medical center with an international presence.
Our Department has a dynamic reach across the University; an outstanding Division of Cancer Biostatistics led by Yu Shyr, PhD; an innovative and contemporary graduate program led by Jeffrey D. Blume, PhD; and a prosperous Biostatistics Collaboration Center (BCC) that supports biomedical collaborations across the University. Our mission is to engage in and facilitate collaborative endeavors in biomedicine and the basic sciences, conduct groundbreaking methodological research, promote interdisciplinary discovery, train the next generation of PhD and MS Biostatisticians, and act as an educational resource for biomedical researchers and Vanderbilt. I am looking forward to the next decade of growth for our Department in these exciting times.

Position Title: Biostatistician II

Duties and Responsibilities: Your Role
This Biostatistician II position is in the Department of Biostatistics. Responsibilities will vary based on collaborations. As a member of a research team and with modest supervision, a Biostatistician II will apply complex data management and a variety of intermediate and advanced statistical techniques and technical skills to promote the collection, analysis and interpretation of data arising from research studies in an academic research program.

Key functions and expected performances may include but are not limited to the following:

• Collaborate as a member of a research team on the design of a research project.
• Assist in providing statistical expertise in the design of research projects, focusing on fundamental issues including specification of hypotheses and basic study design.
• Assist the research team in the design of methods to collect information, including the design of questionnaires and other data collection instruments, following the study design developed for the research program.
• Participate in the development of operations and procedures for the collection, editing, verification and management of data.
• Assist in preparing preliminary plan for analysis of a research study; present such plans to the research team, and prepare final analysis plans based on team input.
• Collaborate as a member of a research team on the implementation and analysis of a research project.
• Implement planned analysis, including data verification and data correction as necessary, using one or more systems of computer hardware and statistical analysis software for the management and analysis of data.
• Assist in the publication of research projects.

• Participate in the preparation of written reports and oral presentations summarizing data analysis results, including detailed description of statistical methods, detailed analysis of results, and synthesis of conclusions from summary tables.

Position Qualifications: This position requires a MS degree in statistics or biostatistics or a related area. The ideal candidate would have 1-2 years of working history of sustained excellent performance post the degree. Experience with S plus or R are preferred.

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