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Weekly Seminars

Regular Time: Thursday, 4-5 PM
Regular Place: Griffin-Floyd 100
Refreshments: 3:30-4 PM in Griffin-Floyd 230

See also the web page for the Student Seminar Series.

Spring 2005

January 6:    (No Seminar - Seventh Annual Winter Workshop, January 6-8)

January 13:    Randy Eubank, Texas A&M University. Abstract

January 20:    Hani Doss, The Ohio State University. Abstract

January 25 (Tuesday):    Hernando Ombao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Abstract

January 27:    Mikyoung Jun, University of Chicago. Abstract

February 3:    Yvonne H.S. Ho, The University of Hong Kong. Abstract

February 8 (Tuesday):    Ryan Elmore, The Australian National University. Abstract

February 10:    (No Seminar)

February 15 (Tuesday):    Debashis Paul, Stanford University. Abstract

February 17:    (No Seminar)

February 21 (Monday, Turlington 2319):    Hui Zou, Stanford University. Abstract

February 22 (Tuesday, 2:30-3:30 PM, Little 219):    Ying Yuan, University of Michigan. Abstract

February 24:    Christopher Genovese, Carnegie Mellon University. Abstract

March 3:    (No Seminar - Spring Break)

March 8 (Tuesday):    Deborah Burr, The Ohio State University. Abstract

March 10:    (No Seminar)

March 15 (Tuesday):    Qingxia Chen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Abstract

March 17:    (No Seminar)

March 18 (Friday - UF/FSU Joint Colloquium):    John Dixon, Florida State University. Abstract

March 24:    (No Seminar)

March 31:    (No Seminar)

April 7:    (No Seminar)

April 14:    Cheolwoo Park, University of Florida. Abstract

Past Seminars

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Spring 2000 Fall 2000 Spring 2001 Fall 2001

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