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Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursday (and some Tuesday) afternoons from 4-5pm in Griffin-Floyd 100. Refreshments are available before the seminar from 3:30-4pm in Griffin-Floyd 230 (on Tuesdays) and in Griffin-Floyd 100 (on Thursdays).

Also see the web page for the Student Seminar Series.

Spring 2004

January 8: (No Seminar), UF Winter Workshop, January 8-10.

January 15: Su-Chun Cheng, University of California San Francisco. Abstract

January 22: Mary Christman, University of Maryland. Abstract

January 26 (Monday, HPNP 1101): Erning Li, North Carolina State University. Abstract

January 29 : Reid Landes, Iowa State University. Abstract

February 2 (Monday, HPNP G307): Dawei Xie, University of Michigan. Abstract

February 5 : Xiaohong Huang, University of Minnesota. Abstract .

February 9 (Monday, HPNP G307): Robert Greevy, University of Pennsylvania. Abstract

February 12 (HPNP G316): Jonathan Schildcrout, University of Washington. Abstract

February 16 (Monday, HPNP G307): Tanya Apanosovich, Texas A and M University. Abstract

February 17 (Tuesday): Benjamin Bolstad, University of California, Berkeley. Abstract

February 19: Xueli Liu, University of California, Los Angeles. Abstract

February 23 (Monday, HPNP G307): Annie Qu, Oregon State University. Abstract

February 24 (Tuesday, 3pm, HPNP 1101): Matt Gregas, University of Minnesota. Abstract

February 26: (HPNP G316) Eugene Huang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Abstract

March 1: Daowen Zhang, North Carolina State University. Abstract

March 4: David Dahl, University of Wisconsin Abstract

March 11:(No seminar, Spring Break.)

March 18: Karen Kafadar, University of Colorado-Denver. Abstract

March 25: Ron Randles, University of Florida, Abstract

April 1: No Seminar.

April 9 (Friday, UF/FSU Colloquium at UF): Somesh Chattopadhyay, Florida State University. Abstract

April 15: Robert Hogg, University of Iowa. Abstract

April 22 (11:30-12:30): Cheolwoo Park, Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute. Abstract

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