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Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursday (and some Tuesday) afternoons from 4-5pm in Griffin-Floyd 100.

Refreshments are available before the seminar from 3:30-4pm in Griffin-Floyd 230 (on Tuesdays) and in Griffin-Floyd 100 (on Thursdays).

Spring 2003

January 16: Andre Khuri , University of Florida. Abstract

January 23: George Casella , University of Florida. Abstract

January 30: No seminar.

February 6: No seminar.

February 11 (Tue): Haipeng Shen, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Abstract

February 13: Ji Zhu, Stanford University. Abstract

February 14 (Fri, 11:45 - 5th period - in TUR 2342): Rick Cleary, Bentley College. Abstract

February 18 (Tue): Yun Ju Sung, University of Minnesota. Abstract

February 20: No seminar.

February 25 (Tue): Surajit Ray, Penn State University. Abstract

February 27: Trevor Park, Cornell University. Abstract

March 6: Rajeshwari Natarajan, Southern Methodist University. Abstract

March 13: No seminar (Spring Break).

March 20: David Donoho, Stanford University. Abstract (Cancelled)

March 25 (Tue): Steven Roberts, Stanford University. Abstract

March 27: Haihong Li, Frontier Science and Technology Research Foundation. Abstract

March 28 (Fri, 4pm): Eric Chicken, Florida State University (FSU/UF seminar). Abstract

April 1 (Tue): Ying Qing Chen, University of California at Berkeley. Abstract

April 2 (Wed): Margaret Short, University of Minnesota (4pm in Communicore CG-56). Abstract

April 3: Jim Zidek, University of British Columbia. Abstract

May 22 at 4:15 pm: William Cleveland, Statistics Research, Bell Labs. Abstract

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Spring 2002

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Spring 2000

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