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Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursday (and some Tuesday) afternoons from 4-5pm in Griffin-Floyd 100.

Refreshments are available before the seminar from 3:30-4pm in Griffin-Floyd 230 (on Tuesdays) and in Griffin-Floyd 100 (on Thursdays).

Spring 2002

January 10: no seminar (UF Winter Workshop Fri and Sat)

January 17: no seminar

January 24: Sam Wu , University of Florida. Abstract

January 31: Jim Booth , University of Florida. Abstract

February 5 (Tue): Cong Han, University of Minnesota. Abstract

February 7: Tanya Logvinenko, Stanford University. Abstract

February 12 (Tue): Alexandre Carvalho, Northwestern University. Abstract

February 14: Sean O'Brien, University of North Carolina. Abstract

February 19 (Tue): Zhengjun Zhang, University of North Carolina. Abstract

February 20 (Wed) 3pm in CG-83 (ground floor of Communicore Bldg): Sujuan Gao, Indiana University School of Medicine. Abstract

February 21: Dylan Small, Stanford University. Abstract

February 25 (Mon) 4pm HSC-Communicore C1-7: Brian Smith, University of Iowa. Abstract

February 26 (Tue): Yoonkyung Lee, University of Wisconsin. Abstract

February 28: Zhengyuan Zhu, University of Chicago. Abstract

March 7: no seminar (Spring Break)

March 14: no seminar

March 21: Yun-Xin Fu , University of Texas at Houston. Abstract

March 22 (Fri) 4pm FLO 100 (refreshments at 3pm in hall just outside FLO 100): Florentina Bunea , Florida State University. Abstract (This talk is part of the UF/FSU Seminar Series)

March 28: no seminar

April 4: Ron Randles, University of Florida. Abstract

April 11: Mike Daniels, Iowa State University. Abstract

April 16: Xuelin Huang, University of Michigan. Abstract

April 18: Warren Gilchrist, Sheffield Hallam University (U.K.) Abstract

April 25: no seminar.

April 30 (Tue): Roger Berger, North Carolina State University. Abstract

May 16 (Thurs): Walter Piegorsch, University of South Carolina. Abstract

May 21 (Tue): Linda Young, University of Nebraska. Abstract

June 20: Chin-Pei Tsai, Yale University. (*** Cancelled ***)

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