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Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held on Thursday (and some Tuesday) afternoons from 4-5pm in Griffin-Floyd 100.

Refreshments are available before the seminar from 3:30-4pm in Griffin-Floyd 230.

Spring 2000

January 13: Michael A. Proschan, National Institutes of HealthAbstract

January 20: no seminar (the calm before the storm)

January 24: George G. Roussas, University of California, Davis Abstract (Special Monday Seminar: Griffin-Floyd, Room 230, 11:40-12:40pm)

January 24: M. Elizabeth Halloran, Emory University Abstract (Special Monday Seminar: New Physics Building, Room 2205, 4-5pm)

January 27: Nancy Flournoy, American University Abstract

January 31: Douglas Simpson, University of Illinois Abstract (Special Monday Seminar: New Physics Building, Room 2205, 4-5pm)

February 3: George Casella, Cornell University Abstract

February 10: Amy Herring, Harvard University Abstract

February 15: Jennifer Pittman, Pennsylvania State University Abstract

February 17: Debashis Ghosh, University of Washington Abstract

February 22: Wei Liu, University of Central Florida Abstract

February 24: Alex Trindade, Colorado State University Abstract

February 29: Andrew Carter, Yale University Abstract

March 1: Jeff Morris, Texas A&M University Abstract (Special Wednesday Seminar: The usual time and place)

March 2: Jeffrey Pitblado, Southern Methodist University Abstract

March 16: Jason Roy, University of Michigan Abstract

March 23: Edward George, University of Texas Abstract

March 30: Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University Abstract (Special time: 3:30 - 4:30)

April 6: no seminar

April 11: Ralph Bradley, University of Georgia Abstract (This is the Mu Sigma Rho Lecture)

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