Usage Policies of the Saw Library


Graduate Students

During posted hours, the Saw Library will be open for use by graduate students of the Department of Statistics. Moreover, graduate students may check out books for a three/four day period. One of the staff will be serve as the librarian. The librarian will be in the library during the posted library hours, and graduate students may check books out only during these hours. If you check out a book, you are responsible for its care until it is returned. The book will be due the next time that the library is open, i.e., a book checked out on Monday will be due Thursday of the same week, while one checked out on Thursday will be due by the following Monday. Books may also be returned to the librarian in his or her office. In any case, books must be returned directly to the librarian so that their return can be properly recorded.

The journal policy remains the same. Journals are to be read in the library itself and removed only briefly so that a photo copy can be made of an appropriate article. Before removing a journal please check with Angie.


Faculty of the Department of Statistics may check out books at any time. There will be a sheet of paper on top of the cabinet right under the picture of John Saw. Please record the date, your name, and the library code, title, and author of the book that you are checking out. Angie will record your check out during her next library time and the book will be due by the library period after the one in which she records the entry.


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