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Newsletter ­ January 1997 - May 1997


Good bye:

Randy Fischer  

Congratulations to:

Glen Hartless and Christy Steible were married on May 17th in Gainesville.

Sue McGorray recently landed a 28 inch, 7-pound redfish on light spinning tackle while sea-kayaking in Lemon Bay near Englewood, Florida. She was out on the water with reknown fishing guide Paul "PK" Kubilis (known by many in the Sarasota area as "The Trout King of South Lido"), who made her hold the fish so that photographic evidence of the catch could be obtained. Since the redfish was longer than the upper legal limit of 27 inches, it was resuscitated and released back into the wild.

David Nations baby was born May 28 at home (as they had planned), time of birth was 7:19 pm, 10 lb. 4 oz., 22-1/4" long. His name is Joshua David Nations.

David and his wife will celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary soon. May and June are exciting times for them.

Yoko Tanaka was married on May 3rd in Georgia. Her husband's name is Micah Kerr. She will be keeping her last name.

Beiyao Zheng is the proud mother of abeautiful baby girl born April 12 at 8:21 PM. Margaret Li weighed in at 7 lb 2 oz and is 18 3/4 inches long.

Other Activities:

Alan Agresti gave seminars last month at the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University, and over the summer he will be giving invited talks in Paris, Tilburg (Netherlands), Munich, Innsbruck, Vienna, and Leicester (UK).

Malay Ghosh presented a talk entitled ``Hierarchical Bayes GLM for the Analysis of Spatial Data: An Application to Disease Mapping'' at (1) Case Western Reserve University and (2) Eugene Lukacs Conference at Bowling Green, Ohio. 0n April 25 and April 26 respectively. Malay Ghosh presented a talk entitled ``Recent Developments on Probability Matching Priors'' at a Conference on Nonparametric Statistics and Related Topics held at Carleton University, Ottawa on May 4.

His book "Sequential Estimation" has been published by John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Alan Hutson received an award from the CLAS Research Initiation Project funding in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Category to study quantile functions and their applications.

Andre' Khuri presented two talks at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University, under the MONTS Speaker Program of Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, March 10-11, 1997. 

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