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Department Of Statistics Doctor Of Philosophy Graduates
Year Student's Name Advisor Dissertation Title
1969 Edwin Luther Bradley, Jr. John Saw Queues with Balking and Their Application to an Inventory Problem
1970 Robert John Beaver P.V. Rao On Ties in Triple Comparisons
1970 David Timothy Hughes John Saw The Distribution of Hotelling's Generalized T20
1971 James Thomas McClave Kamal Chanda On Some Problems of Estimation and Prediction for Non-Stationary Time Series
1972 Malleshappa Sidramappa Chikkagoudar Jon Shuster Rank Tests for Comparison of Two Failure Rates
1972 Thomas Ray Hoffman John Saw  The Probability that Part of a Set of Equi-Correlated Normal Variables Are Positive
1972 Charles Richmond Ingraim Richard Scheaffer Estimation of Optimum Age Replacement Intervals
1973 John Duncan Lees P.V. Rao Robust Estimation of Regression Parameters in Factorial Experiments
1974 Darryl Jon Downing John Saw Estimating and Testing the Parameters of a Generalization of the First Order Nonstationary Autoregressive Process
1974 David Walter Johnson Ramon Littell Analysis of Continuous Proportions
1974  Ronald G. Marks P.V.Rao Analysis of Data with Multiple Outliers
1974 Jack Franklin Schreckengost John Cornell Some New Extended Block Designs and Their Analyses
1974 Kenneth Earl Stanley John Saw A Nonparametric Test for Treatment Effects When a Covariate Has Been Used to Assign Treatments
1975 Frank Hain Dietrich II Jon Shuster Quantal Response Assays by Inverse Regression
1975 Michael Joseph Doviak Richard Scheaffer Utilizing Auxiliary Variables in Sequential Estimation Techniques
1976 David Lawrence Hill P.V. Rao Tests of Symmetry Based on the Cramer-Von Mises and Watson Statistics
1977 Jun Shan Huang Mark C. Yang The Effect of the Correlated Inspection for Process Control
1977 James Robert Lackritz Richard Scheaffer Contributions to Statistical Techniques for Two and Three Dimensional Measurement Problems
1977 Glenn Alan Walker John Saw On the Distribution of a Linear Combination of t-Distributed Variables
1978 Lloyd Marlin Eby Richard Scheaffer Estimation and Prediction for Certain Models of Spatial Time Series
1979 William C. Louv Ramon Littell A Comparison of Methods for Combining Tests of Significance
1979 John Ondrasik P.V. Rao Population Density Estimation Using Line Transect Sampling
1979 Sang Un Yun Mark C. Yang Estimation of Parameters for the Models with Normal and Exponential Distributions Used in Life Testing Problems
1980 Walter William Offen Ramon Littell Design of Paired Comparison Experiments with Quantitative Independent Variables
1980 Nancy Jean Shafer John Saw On a Class of Multivariate Exponential Densities
1980 Ronald Edward Shiffler Mark C. Yang Modeling the Tumor Growth and Estimating the Associated Latent Period
1980 Terence L. Sincich James T. McClave On the Maximum Chi-Squared Test for White Noise
1981 James Robert Schott John Saw The Multivariate One-Way Classification Model with Random Effects
1982 Michael Conlon Andre Khuri Continuously Adaptive M-Estimation in the Linear Model
1982 John McCall Schollenberger  Alan Agresti and Dennis Wackerly Categorical Data Analysis with an Ordinal Response Variable and Interval Explanatory Variables
1982 John Thomas Shelton Andre Khuri Testing Lack of Fit in a Mixture Model
1982 Samy Salomon Suissa Jon Shuster Exact Unconditional Tests for 2x2 Contingency Tables
1983 Timothy J. Breen Jon Shuster On the Combination of 2x2 Contingency
1983 Wen-Jen Chen John Saw Directional Data and Some Tests of Hypothesis
1983 David John Groggel Dennis Wackerly and P.V. Rao Asymptotic Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for the Ratio of Scale Parameters in Balanced One-Way Random Effects Models
1983 Michael Ireson P.V. Rao Nonparametric Regression in the Analysis of Survival Data
1983 Edward Anthony Popovich P.V. Rao Nonparametric Analysis of Bivariate Censored Data
1984 Chinnaphong Bumrungsup Andre Khuri Parameter-Free Designs and Confidence Regions for Nonlinear Models
1984 Raymond R. Daley P.V. Rao Nonparametric Comparison of Slopes of Regression Lines
1984 Abbas Kezouh Alan Agresti Association Models for Cross-Classifications Having Ordered Categories
1984 Laura Lynn Perkins Ronald Randles Bivariate Symmetry Tests with Censored Data
1984 Manel Cooray Wijesinha Andre Khuri Design of Experiments for Multiresponse Models
1985 Pan-Yu Lai Mark C. Yang Some New Results on Two Simple Time Series Models - Prediction Coverage for AR(1) and Model Building for Jittery Cosine Waves
1985 Paul D. Mullenix John Saw Testing Uniformity on the Hypersphere
1985 David M. Nickerson Malay Ghosh Sequential Shrinkage Estimation
1985 Gregory Frank Piepel John Cornell Models and Designs for Generalizations of Mixture Experiments Where the Response Depends on the Total Amount
1985 Basil Samara Ronald Randles Tests for Correlation and Partial Correlation Based on Kendall's Tau
1986 Parthasarathi Lahiri Malay Ghosh Robust Empirical Bayes Estimation in Finite Population Sampling
1986 Richard Otis Lynch  Ramon Littell Topics in Factorial Experiments: Comparing Tests of Main Effects and Shrinking the OLS Estimates Toward Additivity
1986 Lily Llorens Mantelle Malay Ghosh Inference for Two-Parameter Exponentials Under Type I Censoring
1986 Ming-Chung Yang Malay Ghosh Estimation of Multiple Poisson Means Under Entropy Loss
1987 Andre Bruce Adler Andrew Rosalsky Some Limit Theories for Weighed Sums of Random Variables
1987 Jose Manuel Gallo Andre Khuri Exact Tests for Fixed and Random Effects in Unbalanced Linear Mixed Models
1988 Dawn Maura Peters Ronald Randles Rank Tests for the One- and Two-Sample Bivariate Location Problems
1988 Everton D. Rowe John Saw On the Distribution of the Length of a Spherical Random Vector
1989 Li-Chu Lee Malay Ghosh Empirical Bayes Estimation of the Response Function and Multivariate Regression Model
1989 Robert M. Hoekstra Malay Ghosh Asymptotically Pointwise Optimal Stopping Rules in Multiparameter Estimation
1990 Gauri Sankar Datta Malay Ghosh Bayesian Prediction in Mixed Linear Models with Applications To Small Area Estimation
1990 Gwowen Shieh Malay Ghosh Empirical Bayes Minimax Estimators of Matrix Normal Means In the One- and Two-Sample Problems
1991 Show-Li Jan Ronald Randles Interdirection Tests for Repeated Measures and One-Sample Multivariate Location Problems
1991 Robert M. Baskin Malay Ghosh Confidence Sets for Functions of Variance Components in a Mixed Linear Model
1991 Robert C. Capen Andre Khuri Exact Testing Procedures for Unbalanced Random and Mixed Linear Models
1991 Vasilis Bill Pikounis P.V. Rao Linear Rank Tests for the Nonresponders Problem with Censored Data
1992 Daehyun Chung Myron Chang Estimation of the Baseline Hazard Function in Cox's Regression Model Under Order Restriction
1992 Joseph Benedict Lang Alan Agresti On Model Fitting for Multivariate Polytomous Response Data
1992 Yeamok Namgung Mark Yang The effects of an Option-3 Measurement Scheme in Detecting Changes in Longitudinal Data
1992 Fangshi Sun Mark Yang Bayesian Approach to the Adaptive DPCM for AR(P) and Two-Dimensional AR (1,1) Model
1992 Sudeep Kundu Malay Ghosh A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Estimation of Variances and Variance Ratios
1992 Aparna Raychaudhuri P.V. Rao Rank Tests for Randomly Right Censored Bivariate Life-Time Data
1992 Eunwoo Nam Andrew Rosalsky On the Rate of Convergence of Series of Random Variables
1992 Narinder K. Nangia Malay Ghosh Bayesian Analysis of Small Domain Data in Repeated Surveys
1993 Divakar Sharma Myron Chang The Tail-Probability Approximation for One and Two Samples U Statistics by Saddlepoint Methodology
1993 Kannan Natarajan Malay Ghosh Hierarchical Bayes: Analysis for Continuous and Discrete Data
1993 Peter Gieser Ronald Randles A New Nonparametric Test for Independence Between Two Sets of Variates
1994 Eileen O'Donnell Geoffrey Vining A Mean Squared Error of Prediction Approach to the Analysis of a Combined Array
1994 Dalho Kim Malay Ghosh Robust Bayesian Inference in Finite Population Sampling
1994 Donguk Kim Alan Agresti Improved Exact Methods for Statistical Inference in Contingency Tables
1995 I-Ming Liu Alan Agresti Mantel-Haenszel-Type Inference for Odds Ratios With Ordinal Responses
1995 Taewoon Kang Mark Yang A Modified Method for Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
1995 Scott Morrison Ramon Littell A Multiple Regression Model for Angular Responses
1995 Yonghwan Um Ronald Randles Multivariate Nonparametric Tests for Independence and for Multi-Sample Location Problem
1996 Schultz Chan  Malay Ghosh Convexity and Geometry of Estimating Functions
1996 Cynthia Garvan Malay Ghosh Bayesian Inference for Dispersion Models
1996 Elsie Valeroso Andre Khuri Topics in Multiresponse Analysis and Optimization
1996 Sofia Paul Andre Khuri Response Surface Methodology under Generalized Linear Models
1996 Somnath Sarkar James Booth Empirical Bayes Estimation of Means with Stratified Samples
1996 Atalanta Ghosh Malay Ghosh and Alan Agresti Bayesian Analysis of Item Response Models for Binary Data
1997 Brent Coull Alan Agresti Subject-Specific Modeling of Capture-Recapture
1997 Michael J. Dallas P.V. Rao Permutation Tests for Randomly Right Censored Data Consisting of Both Paired and Unpaired Observations
1997 Chi-Hse Teng Mark Yang Two-State Genome Search Design in Affected-Sib-Pair-Method
1997 Ming Yin Malay Ghosh Noninformative Priors With Applications
1997 Beiyao Zheng Alan Agresti Summarizing the Predictive Power of a Generalized Linear Model
1998 Vivek Ajmani G. Geoffrey Vining Robust Multivariate Control Charts
1998 Yoko Tanaka P.V. Rao A Proportional Hazards Model for Informatively Censored
1998 Neena Shah James Booth & Randy Carter stimated Generalized Nonlinear Least Squares for Latent Class Analysis of Diagnostic Tests
1999 Gerald Crans Jon Shuster Exact Unconditional Inference for 2x3 and 2x2x2 Contingency Tables
1999 Robin Mukherjee Myron Chang  Combinative Rank-Based Tests for Comparing Response Rates and Response Durations in Randomized Clinical Trials
1999 Juneyoung Lee Andre Khuri Design Comparisons and Modeling Aspects for Unbalanced Random Models
1999 Chen-Pin Wang Malay Ghosh Bayesian Analysis of Competing Risks Models
1999 Ralitza Gueorguieva Alan Agresti Models for Repeated Measures of a Multivariate Response
1999 Jonathan Hartzel Alan Agresti Random Effects Models for Nominal and Ordinal Data
1999 Scott Kowalski Geoffrey Vining The Design and Analysis of Split-Plot Experiments in Industry
2000 Philip McGoff Geoffrey Vining A Unified Approach to Process Optimization
2000 Glen L. Hartless James G. Booth Local Assessment of Perturbations
2000 Kevin Robinson Andre I. Khuri Quantile Dispersion Graphs for Design Comparisons for Logistic Models and Other Modeling Issues
2000 Yeong-Hwa Kim Malay Ghosh Noninformative Priors and Bayesian Inference
2000 Jungeun Heo Malay Ghosh Noninformative Priors, Credible Sets, and Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
2001 Amy Cantrell Andrew Rosalsky On the Strong law of Large Numbers for Sums of Random
2001 Haoyi Chen Myron Chang Piecewise Gompertz Model on Solving Cure Rate Problem
2001 Patches Johnson Randy Carter Nonlinear Path Models with Continuous or Dichotomous Variables
2001 Deng-Shan Shiau Mark Yang Signal Identification and Forecasting in Nonstationary Time Series Data
2001 Brian Caffo James Booth Candidate Sampling Schemes and Some Important Applications
2001 Wolfgang Jank James Booth Monte Carlo Estimation Methods in General Hierarchical Models
2001 Galin Jones James Hobert Convergence Rates and Monte Carlo Standard Errors for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms
2001 Ziyad Mahfoud Ronald Randles An Affine-Invariant, Multivariate Signed-Rank Test with Application to the Simple Repeated-Measures Design
2002 James Yang Mark Yang A Statistical Method for Identifying Informative Genes in Microarrays
2003 Jeffrey Thompson Randy Carter Instrumental Variable Estimation of Simple Generalized Linear Errors in Variables Models
2003 Yongyi Min Alan Agresti Modeling Data with Clump
Ann Buu Malay Ghosh Response Modeling Ph.D. for Rater Effects: A Bayesian Approach
David G. Hitchcock G. Casella/J. Booth Smoothing Functional Data for Cluster Analysis
Myung Joon Kim Malay Ghosh Constrained Bayes and Empirical Bayes Estimators under Squared Error and Balanced Loss
Bernhard Klingenberg Alan Agresti Regression Models for Discrete Time Series Data
2004 Dobrin Marchev James Hobert Monte Carlo Methods for Posterior Distributions Associated with Multivariate Student's $t$ Data
2004 Karabi Sinha Malay Ghosh Some Contributions to Small Area Estimation
2004 Samiran Sinha Malay Ghosh Bayesian Inference for Matched Case-Control Studies
2005 Marinela Capanu Brett Presnell Tests of Misspecification for Parametric Models
2005 Sounak Chakraborty Malay Ghosh Bayesian Machine Learning
2005 Yuehua Cui Rongling Wu Statistical Functional Mapping for Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death
2005 Min Lin Rongling Wu Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Identifying DNA Sequence Variants that Encode Drug
2005 Zhao, Wei Rongling Wu Structured Ante-Dependence Models for Functional Mapping of Single and Multiple Longitudinal Traits & A Wavelet Thresholding Approach
2005 Damaris Santana George Casella A Bayesian Approach to the Mapping of Multiple QTL
2005 Bong-Rae Kim R. Wu/R. Littell Statistical Models for Clustering Dynamic Gene Expression Profiles
2005 Xuefeng Liu Michael Daniels Bayesian methodology for models with multivariate (longitudinal) outcomes
2006 Mergel, Victor Malay Ghosh Divergence loss for shrinkage estimation, prediction and prior selection
2006 Siuli Mukhopadhyay A.I. Khuri Design Considerations and Optimization for Univariate and Multivariate Generalized Linear Models
2006 Jie Yang George Casella Nonparametric functional mapping for quantitative trait loci
2006 Zhang Li M. Ghosh/ B. Mukherjee Bayesian Methods in Case-Control Studies With Application in Genetic Epidemiology


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