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History of the Department

The Statistical Laboratory was established at the University of Florida in 1951 to provide statistical consulting and computing services to students and faculty. A formal Department of Statistics was formed in 1963, with William Mendenhall III as the first chairman. Masters and Ph.D. degree programs were approved in 1965 and 1968, respectively. Details about the historical development of the department, faculty who have served for significant periods in the department, and graduate students who completed the program, are provided in the following links:

 The Statistics Laboratory, 1951-1963, by A. E. Brandt and Victor Chew
The Department of Statistics, 1963-1977, by William Mendenhall III
The Department of Statistics, 1977-1988, by Richard L. Scheaffer

Past Faculty (Retired or Deceased) in the Department of Statistics

John Cornell, Faculty member from 1968 - 2003
Frank Martin, Faculty member from 1964 - 2003
William Mendenhall III, Department Chair from 1963 - 1977
Pejaver Rao, Faculty member from 1964 - 1998
John Saw, Faculty member from 1965 - 1990 Obituary for John Saw
Richard Scheaffer, Department Chair from 1977 - 1989, Faculty member from 1967 - 1998

Pictures from the Past

Past Graduate Students in the Department of Statistics

Past Annual Reports are also available online.

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