FunMap: Functional Mapping Calculator


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Step 1: Prepare Data for Calculation

Genetic Design:    Curve          

Markers Place:   Time Points:   

Note: Do Step A   OR   B

Step A: Type or Paste Your Data into Box Below: < /b> markers: 0=mm, 1=Mm, 2=MM;

No.      Markers                     Traits    (no comments, no missing)   Delimiter: space tab

    Note: first column is No. of observations, followed by markers and traits

Step B: Set Simulation Parameters into Boxes Below and Simulate Data.

Sample Size:   QTL position: Simulation Parameters: sigma^2  rho:


Step 2: Calculation

Initial Values:   Search Step by  cM            

Log Likelihood Ratio vs Markers' Place (cM):                (Trait vs Time):  Data   Curves 


Summary of Results:


Details of Results:


Step 3: Permutation Test

Number of Permutations: . You may need   hours to finish the test.

Search Step By        

Current Permutation Test: Permutation:

Cutoff points of (.10, .05, .01) based on  permutaions are (  ).


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