Challis Lectures

2016 Michael Jordan, University of California, Berkeley Abstract
2015 Jon Wellner, University of Washington Abstract
2014 Christian Robert, Université Paris-Dauphine Abstract
2013 James O. Berger, Duke University Abstract
2012 Ed George, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Abstract
2011 Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University Abstract
2010 Persi Diaconis, Stanford University Abstract
2009 Peter Hall, The University of Melbourne Abstract

Nan Laird, Harvard University Abstract
2007 Larry Brown, University of Pennsylvania Abstract
2006 Raymond J. Carroll, Texas A&M University Abstract
2005 Bradley Efron, Stanford University Abstract
2004 Susan Ellenberg, Food and Drug Administration Abstract
2003 Norman Breslow, University of Washington Abstract
2002 Marie Davidian, North Carolina State Abstract
2001 Stephen Senn, University College, London Abstract



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