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An undergraduate major in statistics if offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Students planning to major in statistics should have a strong interest in mathematics and some interest in computing. A student majoring in statistics can also work toward a minor in Actuarial Science. Details of this program may be obtained from the Department of Statistics. All students who wish to major in statistics must consult a departmental adviser early in their program.

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Admission Requirements

Requirements for a student to be admitted to the undergraduate Statistics program are as follows:

  1. The satisfactory completion of MAC 3311-3312 (Analytical Geometry and Calculus I & II) (or equivalent) with a grade of C+ or better.
  2. The satisfactory completion of the lower division requirements for admission to either the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

The admission of all other students will be determined on an individual basis and any such admission will be conditional. The conditions of admission for each individual student will be established by the department. Immediately after admission to the program, students are urged to consult with an undergraduate adviser in the Department of Statistics.

Undergraduate Advisors

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

George Casella
Email: casella@stat.ufl.edu

Bruce Edwards
Email: be@math.ufl.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Kenneth Portier
Email: portier@stat.ufl.edu

See also: Course Requirements for the Major or Course Descriptions

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