Ph.D. Program


  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Course Requirements for Ph.D.Degree
  3. Ph.D. Examinations
For more information, consult the graduate student manual and the current listing of graduate courses.

1  Admission Requirements

Students are normally not admitted directly into the Ph.D. program unless they have the equivalent of a masters degree from an accredited U.S. university. To be admitted students should have at least a B (3.00 GPA) average in courses taken during the last two years of their masters degree.

A total score of 1000 (verbal plus quantitative) on the GRE exam and a verbal score of at least 360 are required for admission. Students whose native language is not English must score at least 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam. However, for students who have attended an accredited U.S. institution for one year or longer, that requirement is waived.

International students whose native language is not English must submit satisfactory scores on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) or the SPEAK test to be eligible for teaching assignments. Students who score 55 or above are allowed to teach in the classroom. Those who score 45 to 50 are allowed to teach on the condition that they enroll concurrently in ENS 4502. (See the Graduate Catalog for more details.)

The University of Florida and the Department of Statistics encourage applications from qualified individuals from all cultural, racial, religious, and ethnic groups.

For information contact:

Department of Statistics
University of Florida
P.O. Box 118545
Gainesville FL 32611-8545
Phone: (352)392-1941 FAX: (352)392-5175

For application information

2   Course Requirements for Ph.D.Degree

A minimum of 90 credits beyond the bachelor's degree is required for the doctoral degree. Formal course work accumulated by students (beyond the bachelors degree) should be in the neighborhood of 60 credit hours. The remaining hours will be in STA 7979 or 7980 registration.

The required courses for the Ph.D. are:

Course Title Hours
STA 6466-6467 Probability Theory


STA 7346 Statistical Inference


STA 7249 Generalized Linear Models


Doctoral students are also required to complete at least four additional courses, three of which must be Ph.D. elective courses offered by the Department of Statistics. Among the courses that may be used for this requirement are the following:

Course Title Hours
STA 6247 Advanced Topics in Experimental Design


STA 6248 Advanced Topics in Linear Models


STA 6746 Multivariate Analysis


STA 6827 Stochastic Processes II


STA 6876 Theory of Time Series


STA 6576 Theory of Nonparametric Statistics


STA 6934 Limit Theory of Statistics


STA 6934 Survival Analysis


The Department typically offers three of these elective courses every year.

3   Ph.D. Examinations

1. All doctoral students must pass both the department's master's theory and applied comprehensive exams.

2. All students must pass the department's Qualifying Examination, which consists of two parts.

  1. The Part I exam tests knowledge of basic statistical tools commonly needed to develop a dissertation in statistics. Students must pass written examinations in two of the following three topic areas:
    • Probability Theory
    • Statistical Inference
    • Theory of Linear Models

  1. The Part II examination consists of
    1. a typewritten report which identifies a well-defined research problem, summarizes the appropriate literature, and presents some ideas for solving this problem.
    2. an oral defense of this report.

3. Students must pass a final oral defense of their dissertation.

For more information, consult the graduate student handbook and the current listing of graduate courses.