Interdisciplinary Co-PhD Programs with Statistics

The University of Florida has established a co-PhD program that allows students to earn a PhD degree jointly with two different departments.

Existing co-PhD programs with Statistics

  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Industrial Systems Engineering

Co-PhD programs under development

  • Political Science
  • Forestry
  • Genomic

Co-PhD requirements

  • Admission by the Department of Statistics or the other co-major Ph.D. program
  • A Ph.D. supervisory committee with one chair and one co-chair, one in the Department of Statistics and on in the other co-major field. The committee must have at least five members with at least two from each co-major field and one from a different discipline.
  • Take the First Year Examination and earn a "PhD-level Pass" on the First Year Evaluation.
  • B or above in no less than 5 statistics graduate courses approved by the supervisory committee, with at least 3 at the Ph.D. level.
  • Written qualifying exam in statistics specified by the statistics committee members
  • Completion of the requirements of the co-major field. These requirements (such as course work and qualifying exams) vary by department.
  • Preliminary oral exam on the research proposal given by the supervisory committee
  • A dissertation and final dissertation defense. The dissertation is expected to have a substantial statistical component.
Further information about the co-PhD program can be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator (