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Two Year Program Data Entry Page

Each Statistics graduate student should complete the following form before the end of August after consulting with and agreeing upon a program of study with their advisor. After completing the form, click on "submit" at the bottom of the page. The completed information will then be sent to the student's advisor and the Associate Chair.

Student data

e.g. Brian, Caffo, bcaffo, James Booth

Student First Name:
Student Last Name:
Student User Name:
Advisor Name:

Course data

Fill in the courses you plan to take up over the next two years. If you plan to graduate during the next two years input the course information up to and including the semester you expect to graduate. For Special Topics courses (STA 6934) enter the name of the course using EXACTLY 8 letters; e.g. SpatStat or Likehood, so that it is clear with course you intend to take. In all other cases the course prefix and number EXACTLY as in the following example: STA 6207. If you are undecided about which elective course you will take write: Elective
Refer to the Schedule of Graduate Major Course Offerings for a tentative list of statistics course offerings over the next two academic years.

Fall 2003 Spring 2004 Summer 2004 Fall 2004 Spring 2005

Written exam dates

Fill in the dates you passed or plan to take each exam e.g. 8/03, 5/02, NA. Note that, in future, students will normally take the masters written exams in May following their first year. The PhD written exams will be offered in August as usual.

Masters PhD


Enter comments here such as courses you would like to take that are not currently listed in the Schedule of Graduate Major Course Offerings.

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