Courses: Summer 2017

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Course Section Title Instructor
STA 2023 Web Introduction to Statistic I Megan Mocko
STA 2023 1052 Introduction to Statistics I Michael Law
STA 2023 5125 Introduction to Statistics I Natalie Burns
STA 3024 1053 Introduction to Statistics II Satyajit Ghosh
STA 3024 5126 Introduction to Statistics II Grant Backlund
STA 3032 1054 Engineering Statistics Tamal Ghosh
STA 3032 3032 Engineering Statistics Abhishek Bhattacharjee
STA 4321 1055 Introduction to Probability David Groggel
STA 4322 5283 Introduction to Statistics Theory Andrew Rosalsky
STA 5325 1057 Fundamentals of Probability David Groggel
STA 5328 4048 Fundamentals of Statistical Theory Andrew Rosalsky
STA 6166 01D1 Statistical Methods in Research I Demetris Athienitis
STA 6166 01D1 Statistical Methods in Research II Demetris Athienitis